Botox Injections in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You have probably heard of Botox and how it can be used to turn back the clock by removing the appearance of saggy, wrinkly skin around your face. But did you know that not all Botox treatments are the same?

Botox Fort Lauderdale FL

Botox is what is known as a Neuromodulators.

At our Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic center, our Medical Director, Dr. Sharon McQuillan, insists that we only use FDA-approved neuromodulators including, Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin

These products can work wonders erasing your horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet.

When skillfully applied, Botox can help smooth away these lines, while still allowing you to make natural facial expressions. The result is a refreshed, NOT frozen look.

“Neuromodulators, better known as “Botox,” work best on lines or wrinkles that have not yet become permanent like those that form with facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.”

Who Can Benefit From Botox Injections?

Neuromodulators like Botox work best on wrinkles that have not yet become permanent, like those that form with facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.

Areas best suited for successful Botox treatment include:

  • Crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eye area)
  • Brow lift
  • Neck banding
  • Frown lines in between the eyebrows

How Does Botox for Facial Rejuvenation Work?

Botox 005

Botox minimizes facial wrinkles by preventing the muscles from contracting, thus softening or reducing the wrinkling typically associated with negative expressions such as worry or anger.

New You Medical’s Botox injection technique involves a personal assessment of your facial structure to determine the appropriate amount of Botox needed to relax the muscles causing facial expression.

Our aesthetician administers an individualized Botox dosage that results in an appearance that does not look “frozen” or artificial.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Botox? 

Botox treatments are a simple 30-minute no downtime in-office procedure. Botox injections are administered using a delicate syringe with a very tiny needle to minimize discomfort.

Most patients say the injections feel similar to a tiny pinprick. Allow 7-10 days to experience the full effect of the treatment. For best results in facial rejuvenation, Botox treatments are given in conjunction with dermal filler treatments.

Before & After

alexandra front frown beforealexandra frown after

stephen side beforestephen side after

max side beforemax side after

cynthia side beforecynthia side after

We Take a Different Approach to Facial Rejuvenation with Botox.

At New You Medical cosmetic center in Fort Lauderdale FL, we take a different approach to using neuromodulators like Botox. 

The medical team at New You Medical has educated thousands of physicians in the art and skill of the cosmetic use of Botox for over a decade in the Aesthetic Fellowship.

Our skin rejuvenation specialists possess extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. They are also well-versed in the different features and benefits of the various Botox products available, so we can create superior patient results customized to your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Our Aesthetics Services

If you desire an individualized approach to your Botox treatment instead of the “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” techniques, make an appointment today at New You Medical to receive an expert assessment and superior result by a world-renowned cosmetic center.

Stop letting the embarrassment of aging skin keep you from doing all of the things that you love in life.

Schedule a consultation with our cosmetic experts by calling 954-858-5888 to learn more about Botox treatment or schedule a free consultation online.

Common Questions About Botox for Skin Rejuvenation

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified, medical-grade form of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This injectable medication has been used for years to effectively treat medical conditions and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial creases.

How is Botox Used for Facial Rejuvenation?

The injection of small quantities of botulinum toxin into specific overactive muscles causes localized muscle relaxation that smooths the overlying skin and reduces wrinkles. Botox effects take about two weeks to fully develop and last three to four months.

Isn’t Botox Dangerous

Many people get the wrong impression about Botox because it is made from the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. However, in small, very small amounts that that same “poison” can be used to treat several health problems. In reality, Botox injections are relatively safe when performed by an experienced doctor. Possible side effects and complications include pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. Some patients experience headaches or flu-like symptoms.

How Soon Will I See Results From My Botox Treatment?

You’ll see the results within seven days, and then you can expect to maintain the results for three to four months on average. When your results start to fade, you can get another Botox treatment if desired. Some patients find that their results last longer with successive Botox treatments.

How Long Do the Results of Botox Last?

In general, Botox lasts 3-4 months. There will certainly be patients in which it lasts longer — in that 4-6 month range — or shorter, in that 2-month range. It is also common for first-time users to notice that it may not last as long initially but may last longer after the second treatment.

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